About us


Plus-Minus Engineering is an independent manufacturer of E-Coat, Aquence (ACC),

powder-coating and wet painting systems.


The company is a spin off of the PlusMinus Coating Gmbh which was established in 1992

and has profound experience in coatings such as cathodic dip painting, Aquence (ACC) and

powder coating, cleaning and paint stripping.


Our own developments and their testing hardened in a mass production of innovative products

and solutions. The capability of building innovative coating systems brought us to the establish-

ment of the profit center “plant construction” in 2005. Consequently end of 2008, this division

was separated in the form of the new Plus-Minus Engineering GmbH and was since been managed

as an independent company.


As a result of the activities in the coating center of competence and the experience gained in plant construction, we have wide-ranging knowledge in the field of coatings, the detection of faults and

their causes and in finding of improved solutions.


Mr. Zeitz and his team are your competent partner in working out solutions through to complete

new plants.